Station Finder

The interactive map below includes all the San Francisco Police Department’s District Stations with boundaries. Click on a SFPD Station icon on the map for more information on each Station. To locate your SFPD Station using your address, see instructions below. If the crime is posing an immediate threat to you or others, call 9-1-1 immediately. If it is not an emergency, call the non-emergency line at 1-415-553-0123.

How to find your SFPD Station:

  • Enter an address in the "Enter Address Here" white text box and click the search icon or click on the map.
  • Click the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Click the Home button to view the full map.
  • Click the My Location circle button to find your current location.

Please Note: The San Francisco Police Department does NOT handle crimes that occurred in property that is outside of the City and County of San Francisco's jurisdiction and those should be reported directly to the appropriate agency. The Presidio and other federal lands are not associated with an SFPD station. Federal Park Police can be reached at 1-415-561-5505.

Please visit Reporting Crimes Outside of City and County of San Francisco's Jurisdiction for a list of other agency jurisdictions.